Are There Too Many ‘International Beer Days’?

Happy International Beer and Pizza Day!

Huh? What’s that? You….you didn’t know? Well you need to change all your plans today to make sure you celebrate it, or you aren’t truly a fan of pizza and/or beer!!!! (r/gatekeeping)

Every day here in America, one of your friends post on #social #media so they can start trending or that guy you don’t like at your office sends out a company wide FWD: FWD: FWD: email so that you will let them know the location of the Wednesday happy hour. They’re just making sure that you know that today is “International Whatever Day”. A day that used to bring awareness to cause or to celebrate a monumental occasion outside of traditional holidays. A large majority of them are special and significant to a lot of people. But, on the opposite end of the spectrum, you have ‘days’ that pile up and up on top of each other which are wildly absurd and after a 3 second chuckle, are forgotten until next year.

But what about ‘beer days’ Surely you can argue that there are too many days that celebrate beer. It promotes the industry!

I can and I will. First off, I love beer and I love pizza. Those that have met and spent any amount of time can put 2 and 2 together on that one. Second, it is safe to assume that all of you reading this love beer and a large majority of you enjoy pizza as well. And through my awesome powers of deduction, I can safely assume that at one point in the past, and in the future, you will probably have beer and pizza….wait for it….TOGETHER!!! Brilliant. Is it a cool little holiday? Sure. Will people eat pizza and drink more beer today? Probably not.

And let’s all be honest with each other, did you really know it was International Beer and Pizza Day? Do you actually celebrate it annually? I will give $1000 to the first person to tell me what they did for International Beer and Pizza Day in 2015. I’m keeping my money because there was no International Beer and Pizza Day in 2015. The holiday is only 2 YEARS OLD. Was it started by any beer or pizza trade organizations? Nope. By some dude named Nick. Seriously. Do you know what else Nick is famous for? He created a website that charts your weight and an app for your phone that tells you how many miles you can drive in your rental before you go over the contract. This….this is y’alls savior.

I’m not trying to be a wet blanket. It’s 2018 and promotion is promotion. Just by reading this, it’s being promoted. I’m not saying don’t celebrate beer ‘holidays’, just know when and where they came from. In most cases you will find out that it’s all just a gag from some guy in his parent’s basement.

If we must celebrate all these beer days, why are most of them clumped up? If you are truly looking to promote beer, wouldn’t you spread it out all year long and, you know, make people aware of it outside of the day of. August through October there are 5 ‘days’: Beer Lovers Day, Beer and Pizza Day, Drink Beer Day, International Beer Day, and IPA Day. The only other time that beer is ‘celebrated’ is on Beer Day, aka the repeal of Prohibition in the US Day. To me, and a majority of you, that last one is a big deal. It marks the end of a really bad time for the industry, and should be celebrated. The only one of the entire group that was even close to started by the beer industry was IPA Day, and that’s one I had heard of before I did the research for this article.

If you want to be one of the cool kids, just do a little research before you blindly forward or celebrate any day. Sometimes there is a cool story or event behind these days. Sometimes not. Maybe you looked up October 9th and found out it is also International Fire Prevention Day as well? In that case, sometimes wet blankets come in handy.

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