Rudee Inlet, Pleasure House Brewing (Virginia Beach, VA)

It’s National Beer Day!  As if we needed an excuse to drink some delicious, independent craft beer.  Our feature Virginia beer comes from the very tip of the Commonwealth, jutting almost right out into the ocean itself.  No really, there’s like one building between these guys and the beach.  When I realized that despite picking up a slew of statewide awards, and being featured in our very own, we’ve never done a standalone review for Pleasure House Brewing, I felt real shame.  That changes today, one of the great American holidays!  It’s National Beer Day!  And it should be every day!

Rudee Inlet, Pleasure House Brewing (Virginia Beach, VA)
Double IPA, 8.0% ABV, 75 IBU

Presentation:  Crowler pour into tuliped pint glass.

Appearance:  Rusty, ocher-flecked core with a pale orange base.  A creamy head settles in that is quite stubborn.

Taste:  The nose brings mild caramel and burnt, almost candied oranges.  It’s also a little biscuity but not the solid “bread & butter” combo that I expected from the beer’s color.  The body is surprisingly earthy and piney – very hop forward with a late citrus that builds into the finish, which itself is quite rustic.  It’s a metallic tang, not truly bitter, nor too unpleasant, yet still fairly deep.

Mouth Feel:  If you couldn’t tell by now, it’s a very heavy body.  Most of the flavors really penetrate the middle of the tongue.  That’s a superb sign of balance.  If you’re the sort of person who gets very full from craft beer, this might be one to share rather than take on all 32 ounces yourself.

Overall:  Solid, none too hoppy against the palate.  This beer is more for those who want sweeter, maltier IPAs and DIPAs, which we kind of dig here at VBR.  If I have one critique, it’s that you can really feel the presence of the European malt bill, which at times overshadows the Citra aromatics.  This is a beer you may have to scout for right now, as those intrepid folks on Shore Drive have just put out a whole bunch of WrestleMania-themed brews for this weekend.  That I found my 32 oz. “crowler” (Extra Tall Boy?) on commercial shelves way up in NoVA is an excellent sign that some may be floating around near you right now, though!

Score:  7.8

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