Maps are Here!!

One of the TOP SECRET things we have been working on going into our 4th year was to have a place where all of our content is accessible in a very user friendly way.  We have also for the longest time wanted to do a map and a directory of Virginia Craft Beer establishments for people to look up places to go (and what to drink when they get there!)  Well, we figured out a way to do both at once!

We’re proud to introduce our Beta version of Maps.  If you look at our front page now, we have an interactive map showing craft breweries, bottle shops, and select watering holes we know to be friendly to the cause.  We’ve also created views pre-zoomed to certain areas of the Commonwealth to help you browse your neighborhood.  In addition, as you click on potential locales, we’ve curated our past reviews, visits, and other articles of interest for each particular venue on the map as well.  If there aren’t any yet, then help us suggest some!

Hats off to VBR’s Ben for putting this all together.  It’s very much a work in progress, so please let us know what you think and what we’ve missed.  Cheers!

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