Britchin Brown Ale, Stable Craft Brewing (Waynesboro, VA)

I have brought up the topic of the evolution of personal beer preferences before.  I’m not talking about seasonal choices, like sitting with feet in the sand having a Berliner Weisse or cozied up to a fire with a full-bodied stout.  It’s more about what you order when you are looking to buck trends and go to something you really enjoy drinking all the time.  Almost three years ago when we tried actually opining what we were drinking, I was more a malt forward, less hoppy craft beer person.  That has radically shifted back and forth, with several ‘go-tos’ at my disposal.  But it seems that I have abandoned my original passions, or at least look over them when presented with a ton of options.  To break out of my rut, I decided to try a Brown Ale from a brewery here in The Commonwealth I have never tried.  And if it wasn’t for an upcoming commitment, I might have had a few more!

Britchin Brown Ale, Stable Craft Brewing (Waynesboro, VA)
American Brown Ale, ABV: 5.5%

Presentation:  Tap pour into pint glass.

Appearance:  Medium dark brown to chestnut, thinning towards the edges, very little tannish head that instantly laced the glass.

Aroma:  Very strong roasted hops, bordering on fully ‘stout’ roasted, nutty, very sweet with a slight sharpness.

Taste:  Very nut forward and sweet, slightly thinner, hints of chocolate towards the middle, faint vanilla and more sweetness towards the end.

ABV/IBU Mouthfeel:  Very light for a brown ale, not a lot of weight to it.  Malty and sweet continues from front to back, keeping it north of reset between sips.  ABV is slightly noticeable, but not uncommon.  IBU is total balanced in this brew.

Overall:  If more brown ales were like this one, I would be drinking them more often.  This is one has merits for both the casual and serious brown ale drinker.  The roasted malts are really strong and prevalent, but is slightly thinner and sweeter than the more traditional browns.  I found this on keg in Charlottesville, and it looks like distribution is around Central Virginia.  I will also say I enjoyed this with some bratwurst and it paired beautifully.  Keep and eye out for this one!

Score: 8.4

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