Orange Creamsic Ale, Home Republic/Pleasure House Brewing (Virginia Beach, VA)

We have come to the end….of summer. Mother Nature keeps pushing those sweltering days further into September each year, which means we get to enjoy some of the lighter styles of craft beer. But it would seem that one last push of rain this week will send us into fall.

But before we head out of the season, we’re going to do one more summer beer review. I dig cream ales, but unfortunately, a few other compatriots can’t seen past the style to try some. That being said, this is pretty far from your standard cream ale, but that’s what makes it good. And nothing says summer like two Virginia Beach brewers getting together to make a great beer. So on that note let’s wrap up the summer in style!

Orange Creamsic Ale, Home Republic/Pleasure House Brewing (Virginia Beach, VA)
Cream Ale, ABV: 6.2%, IBU: 27

Presentation: Tap pour into pint glass.

Appearance: Light orange and medium hazy, whitish head that released quickly and laced the glass.

Aroma: Very orange on the nose with some faint hop & bread notes pushing through.

Taste: While the base is solidly lactose and bready, you get a very strong orange rind front and middle, heading into some green/citrus hop notes towards the end.

ABV/IBU Mouthfeel: The evidence of a ton of orange peel and rind PLUS the dry hopping means that you will get a drier mouth-feel throughout the beer. The finish and after is slightly hoppy than center, but the cream ale base reins it in some. While this is a slightly higher than normal ABV, it is not very present except for a little up front.

Overall: I love reviewing beers like this cause it’s a harder one to pin down. While you can tell the base is a cream ale, between the fruit (and really solid fruit) and the dry hops, you kind of hit 3 different camps with this. It is somewhere in the nebulous of Cream Ale, Hefe, and AIPA, and that’s what makes this one fun. I found this out and about in the pubs around Hampton Roads, and it should be there for a little while longer. Get your hands on it now!

Score: 8.5

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