Get Bent Mountain IPA & Variants, Parkway Brewing Co. (Salem, VA)

getbentmountainipa_normal-305x250As we are heading into the holiday season, we are going to switch gears and try something a little bit different. As many of you have deduced this is a beer review (which we do a few of round here) but today we are emphasizing variants. Most of the loyal Virginia Craft Beer fans know Parkway Brewing Co. and Get Bent is one of their 4 flagship beers. Over the past year plus, I have seen their Grapefruit Get Bent around Central Virginia and just recently, Orange Get Bent has been seen all over the Commonwealth. But what makes these beers stand apart from the rest? Here is our first 3 beer review as we dissect this now classic Virginia Beer.

Get Bent Mountain IPA, Parkway Brewing Co. (Salem, VA)
Grapefruit Get Bent Mountain IPA, Parkway Brewing Co. (Salem, VA)
Orange Get Bent Mountain IPA, Parkway Brewing Co. (Salem, VA)
IPA, ABV%: 7.2, IBU: ~67

Presentation: Tap pour into glass for GB and GGB. Tap to Growler to pint glass for OGB.

Appearance: Ranged yellow-orangish to deeper orange. Slightly cloudy with decent large head but did not cap. Large lace around outer glass.

Aroma: Base is a very tropical/floral IPA, bordering on what you would find in an APA. GGB & OGB had very strong presence of each predominant fruit.

Taste: GB has a very citrus/pine front with a medium late kick of hops, but not overwhelming. Where this beer has excelled (and the reason for the triple post) has been in the use of grapefruit and orange in the variants. It is VERY peely, which is to say that it has a a lot of fresh peel and rind that makes utilizes the oil components of the fruit, which does not make it syrupy or sweet, but compliments the IPA very well.

ABV/IBU Mouthfeel: Medium light to medium body for IPA, touching on the lighter side. Slight pine/hops on the back end for GB. Less grapefruit/hops for the GGB. Very orange/hops for OGB. ABV is solid and slightly present in the front, but not much. IBUs are noticeable towards the end, but somewhere between IPA and APA. Drinkability off the scale with all, but more so with OGB.

Overall: We have reviewed flagship beers and we have review variants. The key on the variants is how well the new flavor interacts with the staple brew is made with. That being said, Get Bent is obviously one of the best single IPAs out there and will appeal (pun intended) to a wide variety of people. This is not a super hoppy beer but one that can draw in the casual hop heads or APA drinkers and pull them into this world. The Grapefruit Get Bent is excellent and hit/is hitting right about the time where grapefruit IPAs have made it into the mainstream. But I really think the Orange Get Bent is the cream of the crop. It was extremely well balanced, had a great nose to finish, the orange had a heavier effect on the Get Bent than the grapefruit, but it did not deter from the overall experience. And the Orange Get Bent is hitting at the right time as it is a great break from the darker beers of the season. Get Bent is pretty much everywhere in the state, Grapefruit Get Bent looks more tap seasonal, but I found Orange Get Bent in a wide variety of places on tap up to a few weeks ago. Get Bent is great, but find yourself some of the variants. Well worth the search.

Score: Get Bent: 8.5, Grapefruit Get Bent: 8.7, Orange Get Bent: 9.0

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