Tidewatermelon Wheat, Back Bay Brewing Company (Virginia Beach, Va)

20150801_194445 (1)Sometimes good beer is hard to find. Other times, it falls into your lap.

This review starts off with a story of two worlds colliding. No, this isn’t an INXS song, but a matter of my adulting life and my writing life intersecting. Having been out of the state for a while, I have not had the usual stream of Virginia beer come my way in a little while. I also don’t like to write reviews from beer festivals or brewery tours unless I set out to try something, and it is very, very early in the day. So with most of my time pretty much expended, I was jonesing to get back into the swing of things. Luckly, I had an individual walk into my office the other day chatting and just so happened that he stops by Back Bay Brewing in Virginia Beach a lot and said the next time he’s down there, he’ll bring some by. Not thinking too much of it, we said ‘great’ and left it at that. The next morning we were greeted to a cooler full of ice cold growlers of some new brews. And since Watermelon Wheat is the buzz around the craft beer scene, we decided to take that one for a spin.

Tidewatermelon Wheat, Back Bay Brewing Company (Virginia Beach, Va)
Fruit Beer, ABV: 5.5%

Presentation: Growler pour into mug. (I got to use my glass stein from Sierra Nevada!)

Appearance: Medium to dark gold, white head dissipating quickly towards edge of glass.

Aroma: Clean, slightly wheaty with faint melon.

Taste: Very clean up front with watermelon kicking in front middle, slight wheat (not bready) back. Watermelon was very fresh and was (1) very evident of fresh not artificial watermelon and (2) the most predominant watermelon beer I’ve had without it being artificial.

ABV/IBU Mouthfeel: Light body almost to a fault, ABV and IBU non-existent. Crisp with no residual aftertaste, almost lager-esque.

Overall: When it is 100 degrees outside and it is the middle of the summer, this is the perfect cooler beer to have. Sadly enough, this is only available at a few places in south Hampton Roads, or as I got it, in growler form. The double edged sword on it being crisp and clean is that it does carry a ton of supporting flavors, especially on the ‘wheat’ side of things. Otherwise, this a summer beer with a decent fruit middle and should be enjoyed right now.

Score: 8.2

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