BW: Three Notch’d Brewing Co. (Charlottesville, VA)

“Leave Your Mark”

It is amazing how you drive by places over, and over, and over again, but never realize the vast potential of something. For a better part of a decade, I lived in Charlottesville in one capacity or another: weekend sports traveler with my family, to student, to weekly visitor, and now to sports traveler with my new family. I had always zigged and zagged by the corner of Preston, Grady, and 10th Street, partly because it wasn’t vastly populated with anything that I particularly needed, and partly because it is such a cluster of disaster that just getting out of there without ‘extending personal greetings’ to your fellow man is an achievement. But in this area that I remembered as a student where you went to go play paintball, is now a brewery which has found their ‘notch’ in Central Virginia’s beer culture.

Three Notch’d Brewing Company (Charlottesville, Virginia)

946 Grady Avenue
Charlottesville, VA 22903
Phone: 434.293.0610

Founded: 2013
Total Beers Tapped: 11
Tours: Yes (Free)
Growler/On-Site Sale: Yes; Growlers and 3 varieties of their canned beer.
Food: Chips & Salsa available, but if you are really hungry, walk next door to McGrady’s Irish Pub.

wpid-wp-1409690061410.jpegBeer Selection: It has something for everyone. Their go-to beers are the 40-Mile IPA, Hydraulion Red, and No Veto English Brown Ale. Personal favorites are the Red, The Grey Ghost American Pale Ale, Oats McGoats Stout, and Of, By, For Pilsner. You want something WAY off base, it is the Bloody Roots they did in collaboration with Adroit Theory Brewing company, which is an imperial brown ale with honey, habanero peppers, tomatoes, celery salt, and horseradish. It will put hair on your chest.

Amenities: Get into the side room and enjoy your favorite sporting events on TV and play some board games or check out the cool wood half tables in the tasting room.

wpid-wp-1409690067252.jpegAtmosphere: With a great tasting room and plenty of options for tastings in 4 or 6 beer flights of your choosing, you can get acquainted with this brewery quickly. Food trucks roll up on most weekends, and they are hard to resist with the outdoor seating on nicer days. It’s more of an open footprint minus the side room, so bring some friends.

Overall: Three Notch’d is the perfect size for a side trip if your looking for things in and around Charlottesville, but can offer a lot if you want to get their early and spend an afternoon. With food all around, it is easy to drop by if you want, but i would recommend hailing a cab if you are planning on going anywhere downtown or on the corner. Outside of that, the beer is solid to great all around, so if you don’t make it there, look for it at one of dozens of places around C’Ville and try for yourselves.

Score: 8.6

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