BR: Honey Ginger, Ardent Craft Ales (Richmond, VA)

Sometimes it takes a particular beer to open you up to try and completely different brew. Case in point, I went on honeymoon in Maine and at one of the breweries we went to, Atlantic Brewing Company, had a Ginger Beer they brewed to compliment food from the Thai place that used to be next to them in Bar Harbor. I though that was a very interesting beer. So when I was out in Richmond a few weeks ago, I tried the Honey Ginger from Ardent Craft Ales. And it was a great choice.

Honey Ginger, Ardent Craft Ales (Richmond, VA)
Spiced Ale, ABV: 7.8%

Presentation: Tap pour into tulep

Appearance: Deep, deep gold into brownish, mostly clear, with off-white head dissipating at normal rate.

Taste: No lying on this label. It’s full of ginger flavor. As for the honey, it is not as noticeable, except on the back end a little. I think that the malt and the honey work together to make it a very drinkable brew.

ABV/IBU: Hops no. ABV yes. But the malt and the honey make it so smooth you don’t really notice. But at 7.8%, this is a sipping beer and the sweetness will want you to put this at the end of a tasting or a meal.

Overall: When you get into the spiced ale arena, you are really judging it on (1) how alike is the overall flavor to what it is supposed to be, and (2) how the flavors meld with the style of beer. This is a very ginger rich beer and with a strong malt profile, it works well together. Save this beer for a real spicy Thai meal, or a very fruit-heavy dessert. It borders on it being a little too sweet and and little too heavy, but it is great for one or two.

Score: 8.3

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